Media Quotes

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“..each bandmember brings a high level of comfort and experience with Afro Cuban music…a colorful and exciting repertoire… The rhythm section works as a well oiled machine, churning out gooves that are simultaneously supportive, fiery and strongly rooted in tradition.”
– Chip Boaz- Latin Jazz Corner

“.Editor’s Pick..excellent Michigan-based Latin jazz ensemble…catchy, uptempo dance jazz.”

“…power house, horn driven dance band…gaining the coveted top spot on WEMU’s Sweet Sixteen for the new CD “Casa Versailles” two weeks in a row.”
– Linda Yohn –WEMU-FM

“Strong compositions, room for heated solos and a tight combo sound to support it all. “
– Eve Doster–Detroit Metro Times

” Crisp and compelling work on timbales, congas…giving the ensemble its rhythmic drive….Refreshing….like a cool breeze on a hot afternoon, Tumbao Bravo is the perfect summer accompaniment.”
– Martin Bandyke–Detroit Free Press

“…a marriage of various Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz elements and modalities….(their) original scores deliver the musical talent and visions of these top notch plyers.”
– LATIN BEAT Los Angeles, CA